Purchase alone, or add any of our other balloon or hire items for extra special celebrations!

Can the letters/props be positioned outdoors?
We do not recommend that any of our products are used outside for safety purposes, and to prevent any damage to the items. We can however make exceptions should you have an event manager, or responsible persons(s) present all day that would be able to move them immediately should the weather change. They would also need to be in a very stable position protected from the wind.

How long do I hire the products for?
The hire period is 24 hours. We generally set up earlier on the day of the event, and collect the morning after. We will be in touch with the event venue directly within the month leading up to the event to confirm exact arrangements.

How are the products powered?
All of our light up items (including Neon Signs) are mains powered, and require a standard power-supply.

How many sockets do I need?
Each letter and item have its own single socket. We bring plenty of extension leads of varying lengths to ensure we can always work with the power supplies available.

Do you provide extension leads?
Yes, we always bring plenty of extension leads of varying lengths to ensure we can always work with the power supplies available. If you think you may require something in particular in this respect though, please do let us know ahead of delivery and we can ensure everything is in-hand.

Do you leave spare bulbs?
Yes, we always leave a spare bulb tucked in behind the letters. All of our bulbs are long-lasting, so it is very rare that one should go during an event, but we always leave one just in case! Should yours require changing please ensure the letters are switched off at the mains before touching anything, then simply screw the bulb out and the new one in (where plastic cabochon caps are over the bulb, the front part is simply screwed off and back on similarly to the bulb itself).

How big is the item?
Please refer to the 'Specification' section of the product listing for the exact dimensions of the product. If you are unsure if you have the space or ceiling height for the item you'd like, please consult ourselves and your venue if necessary.

Can the item be moved during our event/Wedding Day?
Please always discuss this with ourselves and your venue prior. Some items are fairly quick and easy to move (such as our light up numbers initials), whereas others require a long and more complicated time to set up (such as flower walls, and large frames with lighting). It will also depend on where you would like it moved - If it is simply in a different position within the same room for examples, even larger items can often be simply dragged to their new position within that room, where as if you would like it moved to a different room, the item may need to be taken down completely and re-erected. If this is the case, there would most likely be an extra fee to cover staff returning to your venue to do this later in the day.

Do I get to keep the balloons?
Yes of course you can keep any balloons that are used within a setup for your Wedding or event. Please do ensure you let us know when we call to check-in and confirm all delivery/collection details with you, and so also be sure to let your venue know that you'd like to keep them. Often venues are grateful if we dispose of the balloons upon collection as they're often getting the space ready for their next event, so we will dispose of them if we are not told that you'd like to keep them.

How do I book?
Please complete the Enquiry Form with as many details as possible or give us a call on 0800 975 0265 and one of our experts can help you find exactly what you are looking for. You will receive a quote by email and all forward steps will be outlined there for you. You will be asked to complete a Booking Form and pay a deposit to secure the items for your date, and then full payment is due one month prior to your wedding/event.

How long does it take to setup?
This will vary depending on which items you have hired, and if you have hired one, two or a whole package of items (with or without balloons)! For one item, you can expect it to take approximately 30 minutes. For two, three or 4, or larger packages, this can increase to up to 2 or more hours. When we confirm delivery/collection arrangements with you and your venue we will always make sure we have enough time to get it perfect.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
Yes, we have the relevant Public Liability Insurance.

Are you products PAT Tested?
Yes all of our products are PAT Tested every year.

Where are you based?
We have warehouses in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and Fareham, Hampshire, and can cover most of England from these (delivery charges apply).

Where do you deliver to?
We can delivery to almost anywhere in England. Delivery charges apply, and for areas further from our warehouses there may be a minimum spend.

Can we collect?
Yes, we can offer some items on a collection basis. A security deposit will be charged. Please enquire for more information.

When do you deliver?
We will deliver at a time that is convenient for you and your venue - We will be in touch with yourselves as well as with your venue directly approximately a fortnight prior to your Wedding/event date to confirm.

Can the letters/props be positioned outdoors?
We get asked A LOT if our items can be set up outside and the answer is not necessarily a straightforward one! It really depends on where you'd like them positioned outside and what's happening with our lovely British weather! To be used outside, the weather forecast does have to be perfect and the products must be protected from wind and rain at all times (for the safety of you and your guests, as well as the products themselves). If you're wanting an item to go outside it must always be agreed in advance of the day and we ALWAYS recommend that you are really happy with the indoor contingency plan should the weather not turn out as perfect as we all hope.

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  • Elizabeth James Events - 5 Star Rating
  • Elizabeth James Events - 5 Star Rating
  • Elizabeth James Events - 5 Star Rating
  • Elizabeth James Events - 5 Star Rating

It was such a wonderful day, the place looked wonderful after you had been and worked your magic. We were so pleased and Ashleigh and Ryan loved it. Thank you so much for all your help.

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