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What Are The Most Important Things To Look Out For When Hiring Wedding Decor?

Friday 17th January 2020

What Are The Most Important Things To Look Out For When Hiring Wedding Decor?

What Are The Most Important Things To Look Out For When Hiring Wedding Decor?

When you’re planning your wedding, deciding on the decor to go for can be a bit of a minefield - there's so much to choose from and so many suppliers offering the same sort of thing.

So it's difficult to know where to start or what to look out for in the quotes. At Elizabeth James Events our primary focus is on quality. We care passionately about this as without a high level of attention to detail the quality of your photos can suffer and your memories of the day end up tainted. We've put together some essential advice on what to consider when hiring decor such as large light-up letters, backdrops and neon signs, we hope you find it useful!

Large Light-Up Letters

These should be 4ft high so that the display is easily seen and read, and creates a real impact. The letters themselves should be meticulously crafted with the utmost attention to front consistency so that all letters match seamlessly. That consistency should also extend to the bulbs - every bulb of every letter must match perfectly.

If you’re spelling out a surname, you will want to include ‘Mr & Mrs’ too and naturally, the font and bulbs of this should also perfectly match the letters spelling out the name.

White Surname Light-Up Letters

What about the style of the Letters? You may opt for Classic White Lettering or your venue may lend itself to the popular ‘Rustic/Reclaimed’ styles that are available. If this is the case, you will want to make sure that the letters are properly built from genuine reclaimed timber and that the design of each letter is in a perfectly matching font. Bulbs should be glass as opposed to plastic and should also be dimmable so that the right ambience can be created in larger and smaller venues. Every bulb in every letter must of course, match perfectly.

Rustic Light-Up Love Letters

Maybe a floral theme is what you have in mind. If so, then choose top quality silk flowers which are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Importantly, the letters need to be packed full with the flowers with no gaps whatsoever. It goes without saying that the font of each letter should match perfectly.

Floral Love Letters


When considering backdrops, size IS important. These should be no shorter than 7ft or 8ft tall and sturdiness is absolutely essential so as to prevent the display losing its shape and ensure it remains safe to its users. You will want to consider using double-width pieces to ensure that the feature fully envelopes the subjects in photographs.

If you are using a ‘Flower Wall’ as a backdrop this should be packed full with top quality, Silk Flowers and have a material backing, so that no gaps or mesh can be seen.

Floral Wall

Likewise if you are opting for a trendy ‘Foliage Wall’ - the foliage should be thick across the backdrop, using a variety of foliage types and there needs to be a fabric backing so no gaps or mesh can be seen.

Have a look too at alternative backdrop ideas. For example, if you are thinking about a ‘Rustic’ or ‘Reclaimed’ theme then a large reclaimed frame with hanging bulbs can provide a stunningly beautiful backdrop. To gain maximum effect, the hanging bulbs should be large, glass (not plastic) Edison bulbs and should be of different shapes and sizes. Or you may prefer our top quality, clear, Festoon Bulbs.

Reclaimed Frame

Neon Signs

When choosing Neon Signs you will want to make sure these are top-quality, mains powered and bright, for the perfect effect. You will want to look for a creative and interesting message like “Happily Ever After” or “Crazy In Love” and the sign must of course be of a sufficient size to be noticed and create an impact.

Neon Sign

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“We had the reclaimed love letters for our wedding. They looked amazing, added an extra touch to the evening reception. The guests loved them too. Great service, definitely recommend.”Nirvana Hall - Wedding - Wood Hall, Wetherby
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