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5 Super Florists in Hampshire

Flowers can add a touch of elegance, ambiance, and symbolism to any wedding or event.  They often play a significant role in enhancing the overall aesthetic and atmosphere.  Ultimately, the use of flowers is a matter of personal choice, and you can decide how much emphasis you want to place on floral elements based on personal preferences, cultural traditions, and budget considerations.

Symbolism and Meaning:
Different flowers hold symbolic meanings, and their use at a wedding or party can convey specific sentiments or themes. For example, red roses are often associated with love and passion, while white flowers symbolise purity and elegance.

Flowers are a versatile and beautiful form of decoration. They can be used to adorn the ceremony and reception venues, creating a visually appealing and romantic atmosphere. Floral arrangements can be placed on tables, along aisles, on altars, and in various other spaces to add color and elegance.

Wedding Bouquet, Boutonnieres and Corsages:
The bridal bouquet is a focal point of the wedding, carried by the bride as she walks down the aisle. The bouquet complements the bride's attire and can be a stunning accessory.  Additionally, tossing the bouquet is a fun tradition that adds an element of excitement to the celebration. Flowers are commonly worn as boutonnieres by the groom and groomsmen and as corsages by the mothers and grandmothers. These floral accessories serve as distinctive elements and help identify key members of the wedding party.

Flowers add visual interest to photos, enhancing the overall quality and aesthetic of the pictures. The colours, shapes, and textures of flowers can create stunning backdrops and contribute to the overall ambiance captured in photographs.

Ceremonial Traditions:
Flowers are often used in various ceremonial traditions, such as the exchange of flower garlands in some cultural or religious ceremonies. They can also be scattered along the aisle or used in unity ceremonies, symbolising the coming together of two individuals.

Personal Touch:
The choice of flowers can be a personal touch that reflects the preferences and tastes of the hosts. Whether it's the host's favorite flowers or blooms that hold special significance, the selection of flowers can add a personalised touch to the party.

As a flower wall and florals supplier in the Hampshire area, we wanted to share with you five of the most prestigious florists we've come across:

Florescence, Farnham

Elise Ciampaglia is the designer and proprietor at Florescence.  Winner of the most recommended and best valued vendor in the Hitched awards 2022 and 2023, Elise and her team specialise in all events but particularly designing creations for weddings.  Covering both Hampshire and Surrey, below is a list of their standard wedding items, although there are no rules at Florescence, they are happy to discuss your any bespoke requirements.

Website: www.florescence.org
Instagram: www.instagram.com/florescencefreelancefloristry

Photo credit: Florescence

Florescence, Farnham

Petals and Posies, Chandlers Ford

Nicola at Petals and Posies is a specialist wedding florist based in Chandlers Ford. After studying at the Covent Garden Flower Academy she started Petals and Posies in 2019. As a supporter of local British Flower growers, Petals and Posies believe that clients like to make more informed decisions about their flowers, where they come from, and how they are grown, cut and transported. They will only ever book one wedding per day so you are guaranteed their undivided attention for your special day.

Website: www.petalsandposies.co.uk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/petalsandposiesfd

Photo credit: Petals and Posies

Petals and Posies, Chandlers Ford

Sophie Doe Florist, Petersfield

Sophie Doe trained in floristry whilst living in Sydney, Australia at Pearson’s School Of Floristry. Whilst training in Australia she was lucky enough to be involved and learn techniques from some of the most artistic floral designers in the city. Since moving back to England and setting up her own business, Sophie works across Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey and London.

Passionate about flowers and creating arrangements full of vibrant colours and textures, Sophie believes every arrangement is a journey from creation of the design, choosing the best quality flowers, the care and preparation, and handcrafting with love and dedication.

Website: www.sophiedoeflorist.co.uk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/sophiedoeflorist

Photo credit: Sophie Doe Florist

Sophie Doe Florist, Petersfield

Blend & Bloom, Basingstoke

Tracy inspired Blend and Bloom from her love of nature and seeing how much joy flowers bring to people.  She is the lone creative behind every single arrangement with a team of freelance florists working alongside her.  Passionate about not following the crowd, Tracy loves to create unique and tailor made arrangements based on seasonality and sustainability reflecting the season in which they are made.  Blend and Bloom rely on a combination of both imported and locally grown flowers to fulfill their varied portfolio of both weddings and events.

Website: www.blendandbloom.co.uk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/blendandbloom

Photo credit: Blend and Bloom

Blend & Bloom, Basingstoke

Solent Stems, Fareham

Launched in 2020 Solent Stems are bridal and venue floral designers serving Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex.

Bonnie has been delivering floral designs for over 25 years and has also managed high trading garden centres across Hampshire, West Sussex and Dorset. She initially trained in Floristry at Sparsholt College in Hampshire and later at Hadlow College in Kent, gaining additional horticultural qualifications after being inspired by her father’s love of gardening whilst growing up.

Deborah is a qualified educator and has been in the creative industry for over 30 years. Deborah mainly liaises with our corporate clients and assists with our weddings and venues and our large floral installations.

Chloe has been delivering floral designs for over 6 years.  She initially trained with “The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers” in London and is responsible for designing some truly amazing floral creations!

Website: www.solentstems.co.uk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/solentstems

Photo credit: Solent Stems

Solent Stems, Fareham

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